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Smart and lazy is a horrible combination that results in disappointed teachers, exasperated friends and a whole lot of bad doodling

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Vienna Teng

—Level Up

everybody here has seams and scars.
so what? level up.

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  • Maggie: Was it a walker?
  • Glenn: Yeahhh a walker..
  • Maggie:
  • Glenn: A stack of boxes and a mop I tripped over..

brainstormye asked: I am going to try NaMoWriMo, if for no other reason than to get myself into the habit of daily writing. Any advice?


Well done, even if all you’ve done is decide to do it. The best advice I have for you is…

0) Have a story to tell. Know something about it, even if you don’t have it all plotted out.

1) Write every day. Make your word count. Train everyone to leave you alone while you’re writing.

2) Look at the pep talks on the NANOWRIMO website. Here’s mine:

My paladin had just barely hit 86 last night, and today I decided to take him around for candy buckets since Hallow’s End started. He got all the buckets on Kalimdor, Outlands, and Eastern Kingdoms, hit 87, and went up two reputation ranks with the guild.

Way to go, pally-mine, you hoarded candy for experience. I have to doodle that now…

Trying to draw Hallow’s End appropriate things, but the crop has things like Boyz 2 Men and sundry slow, crooning love songs broken up by random things like Lion King soundtrack songs and the Wobble song XD Time to hit up the 2Spooky mix on 8bit!